Dvale, 6 photos

Photographs from the construction of Nye Akershus Universitetssykehus, Norway.

 ––– «First and foremost, Dvale should be described as a project both of alternative architecture-photography and of alternative landscape-photography; whereas architectural photography tends to celebrate the beauty of the finished result, aiming to immortalise buildings from their most flattering angles, Ivar Kvaal shows us the beauty of the skeleton and the process, celebrating states and rooms, which, as depicted in his pictures, are already forever lost.» – Kåre Bulie


«Kvaal’s series titled Dvale is an example of photography’s duality in that every image is precisely descriptive, each image a compendium of surfaces and textures most of which are recognizable in their functional form such as walls, wires, floors, lights, ladders, pallets, and tools. It is without question a construction site and we are viewing the process from the inside. Yet despite this immediate recognition we are challenged to determine the meaning of the photographs. It is this play between the denotative and the connotative that gives photography its unique presence among the arts. There is a sequence in Dvale but is there a story? There is no sense of a narrative arc or thematic closure; we do not, for example, finally view the building from the outside as a shining example of architectural splendor, instead we are left with a series of rooms in various stages of transformation, each image a proscenium of inscrutability.» – Mark Durant


Published by Teknisk Industri

ISBN: 9788293281139 Number of pages: 96 Design: Till Gathmann Year: 2016